When you’re stuck in daily Orange County traffic, in the throes of poor posture, you can find yourself wishing you’d have started your journey with a good pre-trip stretch and will definitely be needing one post-trip. The best way to remedy back pain is preventative and just a few simple stretches that virtually anyone can do will make all of the difference in relieving those pesky aches and pains.

Lower Back Twist:

An especially effective remedy for treating and preventing lower back pain is the Lower Back Twist which also stretches out your glutes often forgotten extensor muscle in dealing with back problems.

Start out lying flat on your back so that your knees are bent and your feet rest flat. Stretch your arms out to either side. Roll both knees first to one side in tandem and hold for half a minute, so that you feel your lower back muscles worked out. Then return to first position and repeat the previous step to the opposite side. Continue for five reps.

Two-Legged Staff Pose:

This more advanced back stretch is ideal for strengthening and supporting the upper back. Hug both knees up to your chest and plant your feet on the mat so that the balls of your feet are tucked in to your hips. Plant your hands on the floor above your shoulders so your fingers are pointed toward your feet. Press into the palms and feet, lifting the head off the floor for a brief moment Lower your elbows to the floor and interlock your fingers so cupping the top of the head. Gradually edge your feet away from your core and once flattened hold for about half a minute.

Sphinx Stretch:

Position yourself so that you’re lying down on your stomach with your upper body resting on your arms like the traditional sphinx pose. From this position, press down on your palms while thrusting your hips forward. You will feel your lower back worked out through the formal tension this creates. Hold this pose for at least a minute as you sense your lower back muscles stretched out.


Dancers, at essence, are highly disciplined athletes for whom maintaining core-flexibility is absolutely necessary and an ever present concern. They must also train to prevent injury, recover from, and work through them. Try this emblematic dance position to formally gear your body and spine back into its optimal capability.

Firmly plant your feet shoulder width apart, grounding to elongate your body. Slowly bend forward from the hips. Relax into this position and enjoy this pose for several deep breaths. Plant your hands shoulder width apart with your feet slightly further apart to form an inverted triangle. Bend at the knees with your weight falling onto your thighs and your arms reaching out before you. Gradually rise so your flow of blood eases up with you to your head and voila, you’ve inadvertently become a dancer.

Arching Pigeon:

From a seated straddle position, bring up your left knee to a bend while your right leg extends out behind you. With your hands on your hips, slowly arch your spine, releasing your head to drop behind you. Tuck your right arm behind your back. Hold for half a minute feeling the muscles along your back extending. Enjoy the emotional release of this trademark yoga pose.


There it is, five easy ways you can relieve your back ache experience today! Try implementing these yogic remedies into your routine first thing in the morning so you beat any potential strains to the punch or if you’re on the go up until evening, a simple run through a few of these stretches before laying down to sleep can prevent waking up with that soreness in your neck or pulling a muscle in your lower back. Have fun working all of those kinks out!