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Personal Injury Chiropractic

Personal Injury Chiropractic Care

Auto accidents can be extremely stressful and inconvenient. Most patients have no idea who to contact or which doctor/specialist to visit first. As an injured victim of a personal injury or auto accident, your primary goal should be seeking medical treatment at a chiropractic accident injury clinic. Very few physicians or chiropractors specialize in auto accident injury treatment. Fun fact, 95% of chiropractic users in 2017 stated chiropractic care is an effective form of treatment for their neck/back pain.

When you visit Premier Health Chiropractic, Newport Beach’s leading Personal Injury Chiropractor, Dr. Sean Clark will perform a thorough examination of the injured part, including its surrounding area, to determine if chiropractic care is sufficient to treat your condition or if a combination of alternative treatments is more suitable for you.

Treating Personal Injuries With Chiropractic Care?

After an auto accident, the most commonly affected areas of the body are the neck and back. Injuries such as whiplash, herniated discs, strained muscles, and sprained ligaments can be treated by our Newport Beach personal injury chiropractors with chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, or acupuncture – All services we offer here at Premier Health Chiropractic.

Spinal manipulation is the primary method of treatment for this type of alternative therapy. Otherwise known as chiropractic adjustment, this method is applied to the patient to restore his or her joint mobility. Since the spine is a delicate part of the body, it is highly advised that you only seek the assistance of a licensed and experienced chiropractor not only to ensure the effectiveness of the applied chiropractic care method but more importantly, that no injury or damage will occur on the spine.

As mentioned above, the most common condition to which chiropractic adjustment is applied is the lower back pain. Generally, tissue injury is addressed with this type of alternative therapy. Tissue injury may occur from a singular event like heavy weightlifting or a sports-related accident, or it may also occur as a result of repetitive stress applied on the body such as wrong sitting position, poor posture, or repetitive physical movements at the workplace.

Chiropractic therapy relieves pain and muscle tightness and promotes healing of the affected tissues or muscles.

Whiplash Treatment 

Whiplash is commonly associated with auto accidents. One of our primary treatments for whiplash is massage therapy. Premier Health Chiropractic provides various massage therapy modalities for patients in order to give them the exact treatment that they need. Cranial Sacral Therapy a form of massage therapy using a gentle touch to provide relief for headaches and neck injuries. At Premier Health Chiropractic, another way our Newport Beach office treats whiplash is with electrical stimulation. The therapist will place electrodes on the patient’s skin that targets the muscle fibers on the injured area(s). The electrical current stimulates these muscle fibers to encourage muscle contraction and promote healing.

How To Prepare For Chiropractic Treatment

Before you can begin chiropractic treatment, we may first require you to undergo several tests to determine the extent of the injury, and accurately identify the affected area/s. These tests may include the following: laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging, and other methods of diagnostic interventions. Only by performing a thorough clinical examination can we fully and accurately determine if chiropractic treatment is the best therapy for you or if you would benefit more from another type of alternative treatment.

In some cases, patients suffering from other medical conditions, on top of their chronic back pain, for instance, chiropractic therapy is prescribed to complement other forms of medical treatment.

Auto Accidents, Chiropractic Care and Insurance Liability

If you are the victim of a personal injury or auto accident selecting the best Newport Beach personal injury chiropractor for treatment could definitely influence the outcome of your lawsuit and any monetary settlement you could receive.

To make sure that all of your medical expenses and any medical treatments are covered by the insurance of the individual at-fault, Premier Health Chiropractic works with 3rd party billing and will hold the insurance company accountable for medical expenses. We also have the ability to refer you to some of the top auto accident attorneys to fight your case while you focus on your recovery.