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Onsite Outpatient Surgery

We came prepared for everything.

In addition to conservative care, we also have a full outpatient surgical facility at our Newport Beach clinic equipped with all the necessary and most modern medical tools that allow us to perform next level treatment on patients when absolutely necessary.

What does next level mean?

By next level we mean providing patients with the necessary additional or complementary medical application to aid their healing process. For instance, if a patient is suffering from unbearable pain, we may prescribe and administer cortisone or epidural injection for pain management.

Sometimes, these are necessary treatments because they help the patient get past certain healing stages, which will in turn render the applied conservative care treatment more effective. Our goal has always been and will always be to help patients suffering from various body aches and ailments recover and regain their mobility. Each treatment plan that we apply on our patients is carefully considered, based on various factors, to properly address the patient’s specific condition.

In cases where the patient’s doctor advised alternative therapy to complement their medical rehabilitation and recovery treatment, we take full note of the doctor’s precise recommendation. On other cases, we advise our patients to seek the approval of their doctor first before we perform the therapy or therapies that we deem are best for their musculoskeletal, joint or tissue injuries.

Other Surgical Procedures

Here at our onsite Newport Beach outpatient surgery facility, we are also trained and equipped to perform other surgery-related or surgical procedures apart from the ones mentioned above. Our Newport Beach ambulatory surgery procedures include spine, knee, foot, shoulder, hip, and hand surgeries.

We would like to inform you that all these procedures are done on an absolutely needed basis only. In situations where they may be required, we are prepared to do what’s best in order to help patients finally be rid of their physical aches and pains.

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