You might be asking yourself, “why am I encountering a [mini] lecture about nutrition on a chiropractic blog?” Fair enough, but the combination actually makes sense. At Premier Health, we are completely committed to total body wellness. Healthy eating is an essential component of building a strong, physical structure, which, in turn, will promote proper physical functionality. We would like to introduce you to a few fundamental concepts about chiropractic care and nutrition. Hopefully, you will be able to incorporate them into your life.

Chiropractic philosophy on wellnessPremier_Health_chiropractic_care


In chiropractic, we focus on the overall well being of the body’s central nervous system, as we believe it is essential to bolstering the immune system and warding off disease and illness. Any interference with normal functionality can greatly compromise your overall health. Through manipulation and chiropractic adjustments, we can correct a lot of existing and potential impediments.

The other half of the equation is nutrition. As the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners so eloquently stated, “Chiropractic is also based on the premise that the body can achieve and maintain health through its own natural recuperative powers, as long as it receives the right food, water, adequate rest, exercise, clean air, adequate nutrition and has a properly functioning nervous system (About Chiropractic. (n.d.). Retrieved October 11, 2017, from”



When we refer to nutrition, we are talking about a well-balanced diet that coincides with regular fitness. Now, there is a litany of different types of diets out there, and the web is an excellent resource to find a plan that works well for you. Regardless of what diet you plan to adopt, there are some basic principles you should strive to adhere to.


Calories in, calories out.Premier_Health_chiropractic_care

This old adage might seem like an oversimplification, but it really holds true. Monitor your caloric intake, and do not eat in excess. If necessary, keep a journal or use an App to monitor your daily consumption. MyFitnessPal is a popular, free app that is easy to use, and it is available in both the Apple and Google Play App stores.




Protein, please.

You’ve got to get your protein, no doubt about it. Lean protein— in the form of chicken, fish, or eggs, for example— is ideal. If you are taking the vegetarian or vegan route, make sure you find a way to infuse protein into your diet. So many people fail to get an adequate amount of daily protein when they swear off meat. There are a lot of amazing protein powders available that will meet your dietary restrictions. Popular sources of protein include pea, hemp, and soy based supplements.



Complex carbs.Premier_Health_chiropractic_care

Quinoa, brown rice, lentils, sweet potatoes— the lists go on and on— should be substituted for white rice, pasta, and soft baked goods. Does this mean you have to abandon all your favorite simple carbs? Not exactly, but try to limit your intake of the simple stuff. When in doubt, follow this tip: keep it simple & choose complex!



We could prattle on, but then this blog will never end, and we’d probably start to get too opinionated. The point we want to hammer home is chiropractic care and nutrition are both important for living healthy, preventing illness, and promoting longevity. The very simple fact that you are reading this blog proves you already believe in the importance of good health. Now, we encourage you to put what you read into practice. Take the next step and make nutrition a priority in your daily life, and you will empower the most adept disease and injury fighting machine known to mankind: the human central nervous system.