Medical massage therapy in Newport Beach at Premier Health Chiropractic has helped patients heal and recover from their injuries or physical traumas.

When you experience injury on the muscles, tendons, joints, or ligaments, your first reaction could be to administer home remedies. For a lot of people, these home remedies were enough to correct the damage. However, if the condition persists, and you are in constant pain, a visit to the doctor is in order. For the most part, a visit to your physician is only part of the healing and recovery process. Supplemental physical therapy is often prescribed to aid in the patient’s full recovery.

The RICE Technique

The RICE technique is usually the first response treatment for injured muscles or joints. This type of home treatment can be done with or without the help of another, depending on the extent of your pain and injury.

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Rest simply means that you will have to minimize your physical activities, particularly those that require the use of the injured body part, to prevent from aggravating the condition. Ice is usually applied on the injured part to reduce the swelling. This may have to be done at least four times per day but no more than 20 minutes for each application.

With compression, you will need compression clothing or gear with which to wrap the injured part in. Finally, elevation suggests that you raise the injured extremity on a pillow to help reduce the swelling.

If these steps do not ease the pain or swelling, and the patient experiences other symptoms like numbness on the injured part, or the injured part can’t support weight (weakness), another visit to the doctor is in order. You can see a specialist like an orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist. Often, the physician will recommend physical rehabilitation to strengthen the injured muscles. A more focused approach could be in the form of a medical massage therapy. In Newport Beach, you may contact Premier Health Chiropractic for effective and efficient administration of therapy.

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